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MyGIX is the network for everyone who is passionate about German-Israeli exchange.


Sharing worlds

You have had a great youth exchange experience? Tell us about it! Wondering what volunteering in Germany or Israel is really like? Insiders answer you! MyGIX is the place where we can discuss what is important to us: experiences that connect us. Topics that interest us. Worlds that we share.

Connecting with people

You want to stay in touch with your new friends from the youth exchange? On MyGIX you can start your own group. If your experiences in Israel or Germany happened a while ago, you can find old companions again and invite them. You want to learn Hebrew, Arabic or German? Find a tandem partner!

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Getting active locally

You want to implement a project in your city? Organize a local regulars' table, a lecture, a reading, whatever you like – and promote your event in the MyGIX event calendar! Everything is possible, if you want it.


A digital flea market where all small and big things around the German-Israeli exchange can be offered. First of all, of course, free places in exchange programs! But much more: You are looking for a language tandem or specific learning material? Here you will find what you are looking for. Even if you are seeking for an internship, a job or a room in the other country, the community on MyGIX will help you.

What's happening on MyGIX?

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  • Invitation to a special event of the German Embassy in Israel (in English 🇬🇧)

    On 1:00 pm at 15.07.2024 (CEST UTC+02:00)

    Israel and Germany – A Very Special Relationship. Unlimited Solidarity?
    On the occasion of the publication of their new books, the German Embassy in Israel invites you to an exciting discussion with Prof. Moshe Zimmermann and Werner Sonne. Esther Solomon, editor-in-chief at, will also participate, and Prof. Gisela Dachs, lecturer at the Hebrew University and journalist, will moderate.
    Please register by email

    Goethe Institute Israel
    Weizman St. 4 (Asia House)
    Tel Aviv

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  • 📕📖 The "Library of Lost Books": A Project for a German-Israeli Youth Exchange? 🔎📚
    The "Library of Lost Books" is a digital collection initiative by the Leo Baeck Institute in Haifa, aimed at recreating and preserving the libraries of German-speaking Jewish intellectuals that were dispersed, destroyed, or confiscated during the Nazi era. The project uses historical records to identify the books owned by these individuals and reconstructs their libraries virtually, providing a glimpse into the cultural and intellectual heritage of German-speaking Jews. Can you help to find those books and refill the shelves of the virtual library?

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  • Shimon Peres Special Prize 2024: 10,000 Euro for Israeli NPOs
    Deadline is April 24!
    Due to the dramatic situation in Israel since October 7, 2023, the German-Israeli Future Forum and the Federal Foreign Office have decided to award the Shimon Peres Special Prize in addition to the regular Shimon Peres Prize. It will be awarded to an initiative that has provided outstanding voluntary aid in Israel since October 7.
    Applications are open to non-profit initiatives from Israel that have helped to deal with the aftermath of October 7 in Israel. This could for example be initiatives that have supported evacuees, offered psychological or other urgently needed help to those who were affected. Both completed projects and those that are still ongoing are eligible to apply. Applying for the Shimon Peres Special Prize is easy and can be done through the application form. You may find the criteria for applications in Hebrew here.

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  • Law Versus Order: The Short-Lived Boycott of Germany at the Beginning of the State of Israel (Leo Baeck Lecture Series)

    On 6:00 pm at 01.05.2024 (CEST UTC+02:00)

    The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem for the Study of German-Jewish History and Culture invites to a lecture titles "Law Versus Order: The Short-Lived Boycott of Germany at the Beginning of the State of Israel" with Prof. Gideon Reuveni (University of Sussex) and Dr. Sharon Livne (Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem). Registration here.


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About us

The name of ConAct says it all: Acting together...

  • in the field of German-Israeli youth contacts
  • with the different generations that have contributed to their development
  • with the German partners and interested parties
  • with the Israeli friends

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The Israel Youth Exchange Authority is the coordinating body for international youth relations in Israel and ConAct's partner organization. It operates with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Higher Education and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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