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MyGIX is the network for everyone who is passionate about German-Israeli exchange.


Sharing worlds

You have had a great youth exchange experience? Tell us about it! Wondering what volunteering in Germany or Israel is really like? Insiders answer you! MyGIX is the place where we can discuss what is important to us: experiences that connect us. Topics that interest us. Worlds that we share.

Connecting with people

You want to stay in touch with your new friends from the youth exchange? On MyGIX you can start your own group. If your experiences in Israel or Germany happened a while ago, you can find old companions again and invite them. You want to learn Hebrew, Arabic or German? Find a tandem partner!

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Getting active locally

You want to implement a project in your city? Organize a local regulars' table, a lecture, a reading, whatever you like – and promote your event in the MyGIX event calendar! Everything is possible, if you want it.


A digital flea market where all small and big things around the German-Israeli exchange can be offered. You are looking for a language tandem or specific learning material? Here you will find what you are looking for. Even if you are seeking for an internship, a job or a room in the other country, the community on MyGIX will help you.

What's happening on MyGIX?

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  • New city partnership between Munich and Be'er Sheva sealed in 2022
    As part of an Israeli-German youth exchange, young reporters Jonah and Daniel accompany the sealing of the city partnership between Munich and Be'er Sheeva. Together with BR coach Caroline von Eichhorn, they are up close and personal and even talk to the mayors. Just as the cities have now struck up a friendship, so have the two young reporters. This video and others have been created during a youth exchange which was designed as a media project.

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  • 📢 Embassy of the State of Israel awards scholarships for research and study visits to Israeli universities 🇮🇱

    Applications are open to German nationals with above-average academic performance who are no older than 35 years of age at the time of application and have completed their bachelor's degree. 🧑‍🎓
    Good Hebrew or English language skills are required. The scholarship can only be awarded after the desired university has approved the applicant's admission. The complete documents can be submitted to the Embassy until January 1, 2023.
    📜 Find more information and the application form here.

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  • Exhibition opening with Etgar Keret

    On 7:00 pm at 20.10.2022 (CEST UTC+02:00)

    Inside Out

    Based on memories of his mother, the writer Etgar Keret wrote nine short stories especially for the exhibition, which are now being presented to the public for the first time. The guiding principle is the tradition rooted in Judaism of passing on memories from generation to generation. The short stories are shown with selected objects from the JMB collections and installations that were created in cooperation with contemporary artists.
    Etgar Keret and musician Kami Varda from Israel will be present for the opening!

    Jewish Museum Berlin
    Lindenstraße 9–14
    10969 Berlin

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  • A Biss of Culture: A German-Israeli Cookbook – Stories and Recipes Collected by Young People

    The German-Israeli cookbook, presenting recipes from both countries and the stories behind them, will showcase the diversity of both societies, giving examples of versatile traditional dishes and give its readers a taste of home.
    These days, we are collecting materials and you are invited to send us your recipe and story for the book! Every person with a passion for cooking, eating and German-Israeli exchanges is welcome to contribute to A Biss of Culture!
    For further details and submission of recipes, click here: A Biss of Culture – Ein Biss der Kultur – ביס של תרבות (

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The name of ConAct says it all: Acting together...

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