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MyGIX is the network for everyone who is passionate about German-Israeli exchange.


Sharing worlds

You have had a great youth exchange experience? Tell us about it! Wondering what volunteering in Germany or Israel is really like? Insiders answer you! MyGIX is the place where we can discuss what is important to us: experiences that connect us. Topics that interest us. Worlds that we share.

Connecting with people

You want to stay in touch with your new friends from the youth exchange? On MyGIX you can start your own group. If your experiences in Israel or Germany happened a while ago, you can find old companions again and invite them. You want to learn Hebrew, Arabic or German? Find a tandem partner!

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Getting active locally

You want to implement a project in your city? Organize a local regulars' table, a lecture, a reading, whatever you like – and promote your event in the MyGIX event calendar! Everything is possible, if you want it.


A digital flea market where all small and big things around the German-Israeli exchange can be offered. First of all, of course, free places in exchange programs! But much more: You are looking for a language tandem or specific learning material? Here you will find what you are looking for. Even if you are seeking for an internship, a job or a room in the other country, the community on MyGIX will help you.

What's happening on MyGIX?

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  • Max Planck-Weizmann Joint Postdoctoral Program 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬 🧬 ⚗️

    The Max Planck Society (MPG) and the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) are thrilled to announce a prestigious opportunity for outstanding postdoctoral researchers in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Earth Science.

    This collaborative program offers a comprehensive four-year position in a unique research environment.

    Read more about the program highlights and application process here. Application deadline is December 8, 2023!

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  • The WE ARE CONNECTED. initiative invites German partner organizations and young people from youth exchanges, school exchanges and volunteer services to be in contact now with their Israeli partner organizations and friends. It encourages them to support projects in Israel that support those affected on the ground – for example projects of the Israeli youth movements. The initiative invites you to make your close ties with people in Israel tangible and visible now. It calls on people to develop ideas for concrete support and to raise donations for specific projects.
    Further information can be found at

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  • If you wonder how to support communities and youth movements in Israel these days, ConAct has gathered a couple of calls for donations from partners and friends. 💸 Feel free to share the information and add more projects that you know about!

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  • 📣 Recommendation for those in Berlin or planning to visit:
    Another Country. Jewish in the GDR – Exhibition

    The Jewish Museum Berlin is now showing the first-ever large-scale exhibition on Jewish experiences in East Germany, on display until 14 January 2024. With a focus on cultural history and drawing on documentary research, the show delves into a little-examined aspect of German-Jewish history, bringing together visual art, film, and literature, as well as multifaceted biographies and exceptional artifacts.

    🔗More information:

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About us

The name of ConAct says it all: Acting together...

  • in the field of German-Israeli youth contacts
  • with the different generations that have contributed to their development
  • with the German partners and interested parties
  • with the Israeli friends

If you need information about the German-Israeli youth exchange, please have a look at our website:

The Israel Youth Exchange Authority is the coordinating body for international youth relations in Israel and ConAct's partner organization. It operates with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Higher Education and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MyGIX is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.