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MyGIX is the network for everyone who is passionate about German-Israeli exchange.


Sharing worlds

You have had a great youth exchange experience? Tell us about it! Wondering what volunteering in Germany or Israel is really like? Insiders answer you! MyGIX is the place where we can discuss what is important to us: experiences that connect us. Topics that interest us. Worlds that we share.

Connecting with people

You want to stay in touch with your new friends from the youth exchange? On MyGIX you can start your own group. If your experiences in Israel or Germany happened a while ago, you can find old companions again and invite them. You want to learn Hebrew, Arabic or German? Find a tandem partner!

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Getting active locally

You want to implement a project in your city? Organize a local regulars' table, a lecture, a reading, whatever you like – and promote your event in the MyGIX event calendar! Everything is possible, if you want it.


A digital flea market where all small and big things around the German-Israeli exchange can be offered. You are looking for a language tandem or specific learning material? Here you will find what you are looking for. Even if you are seeking for an internship, a job or a room in the other country, the community on MyGIX will help you.

What's happening on MyGIX?

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  • Jewish-Israeli Cultural Days Thuringia

    From 08.03. to 23.03.2023

    Founded in 1991, the Förderverein für jüdisch-israelische Kultur in Thüringen e.V. (Association for the Promotion of Jewish-Israeli Culture in Thuringia), together with the Jewish Community of Thuringia, has since then brought diverse facets of Jewish life to small and large stages throughout Thuringia every year.

    The Culture Days see themselves as a cross-genre and culturally mediating festival. Readings, concerts, lectures, tours, workshops and film screenings create opportunities for encounters in many Thuringian cities and communities. Venues are synagogues and established cultural venues - coordinated with the respective municipal partners.

    One highlight in 2023 will be the concert of Israeli singer NOA. More information and the full program here.


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  • Omer Klein Trio on tour in Germany
    Jazz pianist and composer Omer Klein was born in Israel in 1982 and grew up in Netanya. He is the son of Israeli-born parents, and the grandchild of immigrants from Tunisia, Libya and Hungary. Since 2009 he is based in Germany where he will be on tour again to play 15 concerts till the end of May 2023 – among other places in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hanover. Check out his tour schedule here!

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  • "Reflect and Plan" – seminar for existing partnerships in German-Israeli youth exchange

    From 27.06. to 29.06.2023

    In cooperation with the Israel Youth Exchange Authority, ConAct invites you to Berlin to a bilateral seminar for existing partnerships in German-Israeli youth exchange. The aim is to discuss and reflect on existing exchange practices bilaterally and concretely:
    1. What are current challenges in the logistical planning and pedagogical design of exchange projects?
    2. How are the participating young people or professionals involved in the planning and implementation processes of the project?
    3. How can we make our project sustainable and environmentally conscious?
    4. Are we up to date with our content and pedagogical methods?

    Active partnerships in German-Israeli exchange – with the participation of project leaders from both countries – are cordially invited to discuss these questions, to exchange experiences and to work together creatively!
    <mark>To the registration form for German organizations – Israeli organizations please refer to – both partners need to register!</mark>


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  • Haredi feminism in Israel: A candid discussion (webinar)

    On 7:00 pm at 20.02.2023 (CET UTC+01:00)

    The New Israel Fund (NIF) Germany and Bet Debora invite you to a talk with two inspiring forerunners of Haredi feminist activism in Israel: Pnina Pfeuffer, founder and CEO of *New Haredim* and Esty Shushan, a Haredi and Mizrachi social activist and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of *Nivcharot – Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Women for Voice and Equality*.
    Guided by their own personal experiences, the discussion will touch upon the meaning of feminism and activism in a Haredi society, look at the changes they aspire to introduce into Israeli politics, and consider several burning issues pertaining to the identity of Israeli society and to the place of the Haredi communities within it, such as: gender equality, integration of “secular” subjects (i.e., mathematics, English, and Hebrew) within the Haredi school system, participation in academia, the labour market and in the army.

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About us

The name of ConAct says it all: Acting together...

  • in the field of German-Israeli youth contacts
  • with the different generations that have contributed to their development
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  • with the Israeli friends

If you need information about the German-Israeli youth exchange, please have a look at our website:

The Israel Youth Exchange Authority is the coordinating body for international youth relations in Israel and ConAct's partner organization. It operates with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Higher Education and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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